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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update from Judy Carman
January 2, 2017

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:

Our Daily Noon Prayer

And Our Prayer for the Week from Judy Carman

OUR REVOLUTIONARY RESOLUTION CONTINUES. Although we may each have personal New Year’s resolutions, we all share one ongoing revolutionary promise to liberate animals from human domination. Whether you made that resolution yesterday or many years ago, together we create a force of love that is irresistible. Yes--tragedies abound, but we must take heart for the good news of compassion that is on the rise everywhere. For example, an Argentinian Zoo just announced it is liberating its elephants to a sanctuary. Our actions and prayers are bringing heaven to earth. But because it is not complete and not happening as quickly as we want it to, our Ever-Renewing New Year’s Resolution continues. We will not lose hope. We will continue moving forward toward the nonviolent vegan world of peace for all people and all beings.

SOME HANDY PRAYERS TO USE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Of course, we already have our beloved noon prayer being repeated in many languages around the world.

Compassion encircles the earth for all beings everywhere.

Here’s another I love to use in meditation, on walks, etc. I thought you might like it too.

May all beings to the EAST be joyful, loved, and free.

May all beings to the SOUTH be joyful, loved, and free.

May all beings to the WEST be joyful, loved, and free.

May all beings to the NORTH be joyful, loved, and free.

May all beings BELOW be joyful, loved, and free.

May all beings ABOVE be joyful, loved, and free.

May compassion fill all hearts.

It’s easy to remember and, of course, can be worded in different ways. We have so many moments during the day when we hear dreadful things about animal suffering and many other moments when we ourselves have personal stress in our own daily lives. These two prayers not only send powerful energy and love out to our fellow beings of earth, but studies have shown that sending compassion out from our hearts, such as with these prayers, is very healing for us. As we enter this new year, remember to take good care of yourselves.

As always, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for

May Divine Wisdom, the animals’ grace, and our true hearts guide us toward ahimsa, peace, liberation, and lovingkindness for all. As always, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for joining this circle of compassion and shining the Light of Truth for all to see, so that one day soon, all beings will live in peace together.

With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy Carman, and greetings from Will, Madeleine, Tara and the Circle of Compassion team

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May this music of liberation and respect for all life bring us closer than
we’ve ever been to a world of peace for all beings everywhere.

Please forward this widely so that we may continue to add more people to our ever-expanding circle of compassion.

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