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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update from Judy Carman
February 15, 2016

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:


Greetings of love and gratitude from Judy Carman

Open Letter being sent to Whole Foods by Animal Rights organizations:  Here is a portion of that letter: “Whole Foods deceives the public by marketing as humane an inherently inhumane practice, raising animals for food. GAP, the so-called third party behind Whole Foods’ animal welfare standards, is funded 92-95% by the company and has a tiny staff overseeing 290 million animals’ lives. Even worse, practices allowed by GAP include: castration of baby pigs without anesthesia, snapping birds’ necks by hand, and using hot irons to sear the heads of baby calves.”
This is one of our big challenges now.  We have made tremendous progress educating people about the cruelty and violence of animal agriculture.  We have not gone away as big business had hoped, and, in fact, “vegan” is now a household word.  So now the businesses are fighting us.  We are a force to be reckoned with, but we are what Gandhi and King called a “soul force.”  We are not using brutality or money or deception.  Soul force gains its power from truth and love.
This Week Let Us Feel the Infinite Power of this Soul Force.  It keeps us going. It keeps us believing that what we are doing is real and true and worth doing.  This week, wherever we go, let us not miss the signs of animal rights rising in the hearts of many people  Let us feel gratitude and joy well up within us when we see vegan products in grocery stores, vegan options in restaurants, vegan cookbooks and classes, and videos on Youtube of rescued animals in sanctuaries.  The world is changing.  Yes there is resistance, and we can “speak truth to power” this week by letting Whole Foods know their lies have been revealed. But also this week let us take time to go within and feel deep gratitude that we have been blessed with Soul Force and a profound Love for all earthlings.  Dear Animals of Earth, you have always had Soul Force.  Finally, we human beings are beginning to get it too. We are here for you and we love you.   

As always, with tears of gratitude, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for joining this circle of compassion and shining the Light of Truth for all to see, so that one day soon, all beings will live in peace together.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all beings everywhere. 
Thank you all for your devotion to truth, love, liberation and peace for all beings.
With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy Carman, and greetings from Will, Madeleine, Tara and the Circle of Compassion team

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May this music of liberation and respect for all life bring us closer than
we’ve ever been to a world of peace for all beings everywhere.
Please visit the website www.circleofcompassion.org often to see updates and special prayers, and also to join in our "A prayer a day for animals" which features a prayer for a different group of animals each day of the week. It is also a place to send ideas or prayer requests.

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