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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update from Judy Carman
November 2, 2015

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:


Greetings of love and gratitude from Judy Carman

Turkeys Need Our Love More Than Ever as Holidays Draw Near.  Our county has a Farm Tour every fall enabling residents to visit local farms, all of whom claim to be “humane.”   Among others, I visited the Vesecky Farm which supplies turkeys to our local “health food” store.  The store used to be vegetarian but has morphed into a “happy local meat” store.  They refer to this farm as “social justice for turkeys.”  The truth, of course, is just the opposite.  The farmer buys newly hatched turkeys through the mail each spring.  Some arrive dead.  None have ever seen their mothers.  He lets them walk around in a fenced enclosure until fall when the trucks come to take them to slaughter.  I asked him, “Does it make you sad to know they are going to be killed.”  “No,” he chuckled, “That’s when I get paid.”
Prayer for the Week for Turkeys and the Farmers Whose Souls are Suffering: There is still time for some farmers to awaken to the violence they are inflicting on innocent turkeys; there is still time for a few turkeys to befriend and awaken the farmers.  There is still time for our prayers and our focused thoughts to encircle all turkeys with tender love and comfort.  We long to save them all and to stop this madness driven by greed, ignorance, and unquestioned traditions. Our hearts are heavy as we feel the suffering that most of them are enduring.  Dear turkeys, please forgive us for we have not yet stopped the violence against you.  But please know deep in your hearts that you will not be forgotten, and your deaths will not be in vain.  Our love goes with you and our voices rise up to speak for you and your children, and we will not be silenced.  We will pray and act boldly until this senseless war against you is over, and you will once again live as free and joyful birds.  May future Thanksgivings be celebrations of Life and Love and Freedom for all beings everywhere.   
As always, with tears of gratitude, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for joining this circle of compassion and shining the Light of Truth for all to see, so that one day soon, all beings will live in peace together.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all beings everywhere. 
Thank you all for your devotion to truth, love, liberation and peace for all beings.
With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy Carman, and greetings from Will, Madeleine, Tara and the Circle of Compassion team

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May this music of liberation and respect for all life bring us closer than
we’ve ever been to a world of peace for all beings everywhere.
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