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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update from Judy Carman
August 17, 2015

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:


Greetings of love and gratitude from Judy Carman

New York Times Editorial Blasts Ag-Gag Laws: Such laws are designed to punish anyone who films or photographs the atrocities that take place on every level of animal agriculture.  The editorial states: “These laws, on the books in seven states, purport to be about the protection of private property, but they are nothing more than government-sanctioned censorship of a matter of public interest.”  It noted that a federal judge actually struck down Idaho’s ag-gag law on August 3, because it violated the First Amendment.  See the article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/09/opinion/sunday/exposing-abuse-on-the-factory-farm.html?_r=0  The aggressive reaction of Big Ag to their dirty secrets being revealed shows how far we have come as a justice movement.  As Schopenhauer said: “All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.  Second it is violently opposed.   Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”  These laws show me that we have made it to the second stage of violent opposition. And there are exciting signs that we are getting much closer to the third stage, i.e., that love and freedom for all beings is “self-evident.”

Our Prayer for the Week--For the Truth To Be Accepted as Self-Evident: As a social justice movement, we seek to establish the truth that, not only are all people and the earth worthy of freedom from domination and exploitation, but all species are worthy of that freedom as well.  As human beings we must evolve in consciousness to be nonviolent, compassionate creatures who are here to love one another.  And that includes all others.

This week let us join our hearts and minds and envision a world in which the truth of vegan living is Self-Evident. We see in our vision that all animal agriculture has ceased because it has become clear to all that such cruelty and destruction is simply wrong.  Violent opposition to the animals’ cause is a thing of the past.  People look back in horror at what has been done in the name of profit.  The tipping point has been reached.  Wars and world hunger end, because they were inextricably linked to the practice of owning and killing animals.  We rejoice as we imagine a baby calf being born, and for the first time, his mother is able to keep her own baby and watch him grow and play.  Let us feel the joy she will feel and the love she will shower upon him. As we breathe in that joy, let us hold on tightly to this Self-Evident Truth being manifested.  And so it is.     

As always, with tears of gratitude, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for joining this circle of compassion and shining the Light of Truth for all to see, so that one day soon, all beings will live in peace together.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all beings everywhere. 
Thank you all for your devotion to truth, love, liberation and peace for all beings.
With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy Carman, and greetings from Will, Madeleine, Tara and the Circle of Compassion team

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May this music of liberation and respect for all life bring us closer than
we’ve ever been to a world of peace for all beings everywhere.
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