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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update from Judy Carman
March 23, 2015

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:


Greetings of love and gratitude from Judy Carman

Sea Lions in Trouble in Southern California: For the last three years, a higher than normal number of starving, sick and dying sea lions have washed up on the shores.  The average used to be around 130, but in 2013, from January to April, 1100 sea lions were taken to rehabilitation sites.  During the time period from January 1 to March 18 in 2015, the number has climbed to 1800 and is expected to increase.  There have been cycles.  In 1998, 2,500 sea lions were found needing care and unable to return to the sea to eat.  The majority of sea lions have their babies on the Channel Islands off the Southern California coast.  Yet, due to warmer water, a lot of the animals they eat are farther north forcing nursing mothers to swim so far to eat that the babies are left alone too long.  Over-fishing by human beings, pollution of the waters weakening the sea lions’ immune systems, waters warming by 2 to 6 degrees, and a complex web of interacting forces are said to be causing this tragic situation. The rehab centers, such as The Marine Mammal Center, are overwhelmed and having to turn some babies away.
Prayer for the Sea Lion Families and the Sea:  Gracia Fay Ellwood, editor of Vegetarian Friends.net, lives in Southern California, close to the sea lions, and she asked us to pray for them.  So let us take time this week to hold these dear sea lions close to our hearts.  Those of us who are nearby may be able to volunteer to help rescue and rehabilitate some of them. For all of you who can do that and for all of those who are now rescuing, we send love, strength, and deep gratitude.  For those of us who cannot be there in person, let us know absolutely that our job of prayer and focused thought is immensely powerful and valuable.  We know that sending pure, unconditional Love to the ocean where the sea lions live can cleanse and renew it.  We know that sending unconditional Love to each sea lion who is struggling uplifts and comforts each one in ways beyond our understanding. We are connected to them heart to heart, as we are to all beings.  And so our prayers are received. Let us feel true joy as we visualize each one of them being carried to safety, being tenderly healed, and finally returning to their home in the sea.  And let us hold a crystal clear vision of humanity awakening to the damage we have done to the waters of earth.  With that awakening we feel the shift in consciousness and the joy that brings as every person vows, with a new vegan heart, to do no harm to the earth or any living being.  And so it is.         
As always, with tears of gratitude, I send my thanks to each of you, dear Prayer Circle members, for joining this circle of compassion and shining the Light of Truth for all to see, so that one day soon, all beings will live in peace together.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all beings everywhere. 
Thank you all for your devotion to truth, love, liberation and peace for all beings.
With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy Carman, and greetings from Will, Madeleine, Tara and the Circle of Compassion team

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May this music of liberation and respect for all life bring us closer than
we’ve ever been to a world of peace for all beings everywhere.
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