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Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update
November 12, 2012

Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves. Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:


The super storm that hit the Atlantic region this last week reminds us all of the fragility of this miraculous physical world of ours and the preciousness of life. The tearful stories told on the Internet and TV increase the feeling of compassion in viewers around the world for both people and animals.

While the storms brought physical destruction, a wave of worldwide concern for others grew into tidal proportions. And this is now happening multiple times each year as we experience so many of these storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes in real time, face-to-face, online and on TV, with those who are suffering. With gratitude, we see that more and more often the media focuses on the stories of animals as well as people.

Once this kind of compassion is experienced by viewers and felt in the heart it becomes a part of the increasing awakening of global compassion. Those thoughts and feelings become a cumulative and permanent part of what Teillhard de Chardin called the "noosphere," i.e., the field of mind of the new human we are becoming.

So while we pray for all those people and animals affected by this latest giant storm, let us also welcome the incoming tidal wave of compassion filling so many hearts. Once here on the planet, it can never dissipate. May all beings be blessed by it. May it lead us ever closer to a world of compassion, freedom, and reverence for all beings.

Will and I and everyone here on the Circle of Compassion team thank you from our hearts for your efforts to reduce the suffering to nonhuman animals -we are all connected in Divine Love and Truth.

May all beings, including all people, be happy and free.

With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy

Please visit the website www.circleofcompassion.org often to see updates and special prayers, and also to join in our "A prayer a day for animals" which features a prayer for a different group of animals each day of the week. It is also a place to send ideas or prayer requests.

Please forward this widely so that we may continue to add more people to our ever-expanding circle of compassion.

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