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Circle of Compassion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting kindness to all living beings.
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                                                                           Here is the prayer:

A compaixao esta a rodear a terra para todos os seres em todos os logares. (Portugese)
Que la compassion fasse le tour de la terre pour toutes les créatures. (French)
Myötätunto kaikkia olentoja kohtaan ympäröiköön maailmaa. (Finnish)
Compasiunea pentru toate fiintele încercuieste Pamântul. (Romanian)

Que la compasión rodee la tierra para todas sus criaturas. (Spanish)
Welas asih melingkupi bumi bagi seluruh makhluk (Indonesian)

La compassion circonde la terra per tutte le creature. (Italian)
Das Mitgefühl kreist um die Erde für alle Lebewesen. (German)
Medfølelse for alle levende væsener omslutter jorden (Danish)
.  (Greek)
Együttérzés öleli át a Földet minden élólényért (Hungarian)
Wspolczucie okraza Ziemie dla wszytskich istnien. (Polish)

Medlidenhet omringer jorden for alle vesen. (Norwegian)
Compassie omcirkelt de aarde voor alle wezens. (Dutch)
Medkänsla för alla varelser omger Jorden (Swedish)
Saosecanje zaokruzuje Zemlju za sva Bica (Serbian)
Zemljo obkroza socutje do vseh bitij. (Slovenian)

(Thanks to our caring supporters, we now have our prayerwritten above in 24 languages. If you can translate the prayer into a language we have not included, please email it to us and we will add it here.)

May all beings be free!

Please join the Circle and together we will embrace the earth with an energy field of love and compassion.

Let us know you have joined the Circle by registering your location on our map of the world.

Blessings and peace to all nonhuman animals imprisoned for food, clothing, products, entertainment, and research. May we each individually bring our lives into alignment with our heart -values of compassion and justice, and live a vegan lifestyle. 

May we learn how to thrive as vegans in a pre-vegan world, and to be effective advocates for compassion, and through both our outer life and our inner contemplation and understanding, help our entire society evolve to embrace the vegan values of respect and kindness for all living beings.

Please join us in repeating the Prayer Circle For Animals Daily Prayer above:
"Compassion Encircles the Earth For All Beings"
every day at noon wherever you are!
And throughout the rest of the day, holding this feeling in our hearts, thoughts, and all our actions.

Harmony and lovingkindness to all free-living birds, fishes, and other animals being harmed, terrorized, and killed by toxic poisons spewed into their home lands, waters, and skies by both secret and blatant human activity.

May we humans think always of the harm we are causing our non-human animal relations, and may we recognize and respect their interests to live their lives freely and in autonomy and health on this beautiful Earth.

May we embrace both humans and nonhumans in lovingkindness, honoring all expressions of life, and doing the best we can to be agents of positive social change by living this in our daily lives.

Modern science and ancient wisdom agree: Thoughts have the power to hurt and to heal.
Let us join our hearts and minds together at least

once each day (preferably at noon)

to hold this precious vision and repeat the powerful healing words of the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals:

"Compassion Encircles the Earth for All Beings Everywhere."

Additionally, please consider joining us in repeating this healing prayer by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who many will recognize as the scientist from Japan who has done research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research reveals that water physically responds to emotions.
Feel free to copy and send it around the planet.
Let's take charge ... and do our own inner and outer clean up.


"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters
and all living creatures in the waters, skies, and lands of this Earth.
To the gorillas, whales, dolphins, horses, rabbits, doves, frogs, pelicans, fish,
shellfish, turtles, trees, bears, elephants, wolves, mountains, planktons,
corals, ferns, butterflies, bats, bees, algae ... to ALL living creatures ... I am sorry.
Please forgive me. Thank you.
I Love You."


Please click here to find out more about the founders' relevant books:
Click here for information about The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle
Click here for information about Peace To All Beings and The Missing Peace by Judy Carman, M.A.

Judy Carman, 312 N. 1925 Rd., Lecompton, KS 66050
Dr. Will Tuttle

Judy Carman

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It takes less than a minute each day

By Judy Carman and Will Tuttle
“Compassion encircles the earth for all beings.” This is a phrase, a vision, a “worldwide prayer circle for animals” being repeated around the world every day by a growing number of people. As more of us join this unique project, more power will be generated by it.

Those of us who saw the film What the Bleep Do We Know? learned, or probably already knew, that our thoughts create energy fields that can affect matter in powerful ways. One of the experiments described in the film was Masaru Emoto’s work with water. He found a way to photograph crystals of frozen water after people had either blessed the water or sent critical or violent thoughts to the water. The amazing result was that the water crystals that were blessed showed beautiful, harmonious structures, while the water crystals that had received negative thoughts or labels were chaotic in form. Our bodies, the bodies of our animal kin, and the Earth herself are composed primarily of water, making Emoto’s work highly relevant to our work of bringing harmony and peace to all beings.

This gives us tremendous hope as we work to create a world of peace and non-violence for everyone, because it assures us that we are creating on more than just the material level of existence. We are also creating—with every thought—on the spiritual, metaphysical level. What we focus our thoughts on expands. Therefore, it is essential that we take time to imagine compassion encircling the earth and that we have faith that we have the power to make it so. As activists and as awakening beings, we bear witness to atrocities toward people, animals, and the earth on a daily basis. This makes it all the more important that we hold in our hearts this powerful vision and keep our minds focused on it like a marathon runner who keeps her eyes on her path.

Because we are confronted so continually by the violence in the world, it is supremely important to refrain from feeding it with personal thoughts and feelings of rage. Anger actually has the effect of giving violence more energy, and reinforces the mentality of exclusion that underlies all violence. It is possible with patience and practice to bear witness to the violence and make a plan of action while at the same time holding our hearts in a place of peace and loving gratitude for the beauty of life. If we harness this power of love together, we will see miracles.

This makes more sense when we remember that everything is intimately interconnected. There is nothing and no one to whom we are not connected. Science is demonstrating what spiritual teachers have been saying for centuries, that our thoughts travel far beyond our own brains and bodies, affecting the universe in ways we can barely fathom.

Many of us who have experienced the truth of our interconnection with all beings understand this. Our thoughts, prayers, and visions—when shaped by love, peace, and compassion for all life—have a measurable impact on the world and help to steer our species away from violence and toward ahimsa—the way of kindness and respect for others.

The progress of animal rights that has been made in the last 20 to 30 years is astounding. Advertisements, undercover videos, demonstrations, marches, animal rescues, legal victories, availability of vegan food and products—all of these physical actions have been monumental in their effects. And every day, more events and actions take place, raising consciousness all over the world.

What we are proposing is that we all increase the power of these actions exponentially by uniting our focused thoughts on this single phrase at least once a day: “Compassion encircles the earth for all beings everywhere.” Imagine this phrase—this vision—being brought into the minds and hearts of millions of people each and every day and thus generating an energy field of compassion around the world.

We have created this website where you can learn more about this vision and the Prayer Circle for Animals. There is a map on this website to register your location on the earth. We would like to see the world map covered with these points of light. Once you have registered, please tell others about the website and the prayer—especially spiritual leaders and activist friends in the peace, environmental, and other movements.

Our books (both published by Lantern Books), Peace to All Beings (Carman) and The World Peace Diet (Tuttle) are good tools for reaching activists in other movements as well as for those on a spiritual path. The books can help you educate people about how activism and spiritual work are inextricably linked with animal rights issues. For example, world peace and personal inner peace cannot be attained among human beings as long as we are violently dominating, exploiting, and eating our animal kin.

Love and compassion are what move us all to do what we do for the innocents of this earth, and love is the ultimate and only reality. In its presence, with enough of us boldly carrying its energy in our hearts, indifference and violence must dissolve. Together we are creating a new world, a compassionate world, a world of peace for all beings.

"Compassion encircles the Earth for all beings"

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