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Circle of Compassion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting kindness to all living beings.
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                                                                           Here is the prayer:

The Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals Daily Prayer in Multiple Languages - Please share:

A compaixao esta a rodear a terra para todos os seres em todos os logares. (Portugese)
Pagmamahal at paga’awa sa lahat ng kapwang na bubuhay sa bu’ong mundo. (Tagalog)
Que la compassion fasse le tour de la terre pour toutes les créatures. (French)
La compassió envolta la Terra per tots els éssers vius a tot arreu. (Catalan)
Myötätunto kaikkia olentoja kohtaan ympäröiköön maailmaa. (Finnish)
Compasiunea pentru toate fiintele încercuieste Pamântul. (Romanian)

Que la compasión rodee la tierra para todas sus criaturas. (Spanish)
Welas asih melingkupi bumi bagi seluruh makhluk (Indonesian)

La compassion circonde la terra per tutte le creature. (Italian)
Das Mitgefühl kreist um die Erde für alle Lebewesen. (German)
Medfølelse for alle levende væsener omslutter jorden (Danish)
Arabic (Arabic)
. (Greek)
Együttérzés öleli át a Földet minden élólényért (Hungarian)
Wspolczucie okraza Ziemie dla wszytskich istnien. (Polish)

Hoo opili ke aloha i ka Honua no ne mea a pau. (Hawaiian)
Medlidenhet omringer jorden for alle vesen. (Norwegian)
Compassie omcirkelt de aarde voor alle wezens. (Dutch)
Medkänsla för alla varelser omger Jorden (Swedish)
Saosecanje zaokruzuje Zemlju za sva Bica (Serbian)
Zemljo obkroza socutje do vseh bitij. (Slovenian)

(Thanks to our caring supporters, we now have our prayer written above in 28 languages. If you can translate the prayer into a language we have not included, please email it to us and we will add it here.)

Please join us in repeating the Prayer Circle For Animals Daily Prayer above:
"Compassion Encircles the Earth For All Beings"
every day (at noon if possible) wherever you are.
And throughout the rest of the day, holding this feeling in our hearts, thoughts, and all our actions.

Audio of The Compassion Prayer:

May all beings be free!

Join the Circle and together we will co-create an energy field of respect and kindness for all living beings that embraces our entire Earth.

Let us know you have joined the Circle by registering your location on our map of the world.

Modern science and ancient wisdom agree: Thoughts have the power to hurt and to heal.
"Prayer, properly understood and applied, is the most potent instrument of action." - Gandhi
Thanks for joining hearts and minds together at least once each day (preferably at noon) to hold this vision and evoke the healing spirit of the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals:

"Compassion Encircles the Earth for All Beings Everywhere."


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"Compassion encircles the Earth for all beings"

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